Company / History / Technical Milestones

Technical Milestones

  • 2013 Horizontal viafill plater for further viafill capacity and Cu consistency
  • 2012 Drilling and X-ray drilling for high precision PTH to Cu
  • 2010 Outerlayer and SM LDI for high resolution automatic imaging
  • 2010 CCD routing/drilling for heavy metal and high precision
  • 2008 Introduction of viafill process for stacked microvias
  • 2002 Heatsink PCB production
  • 2000 Use of laser direct imaging (LDI)
  • 1999 Introduction of multilayer PCBs of high frequency laminates
  • 1998 Aspocomp Oulu starts microvia PCB production
  • 1996 Aspo Oy is one of the first companies worldwide to start laser drilling of microvia PCBs
  • 1987 Aspo Oy makes the first Teflon PCBs