Remuneration of the Board

The Annual General Meeting decides on the remuneration of the members of the Board for one term of office at a time.

The Annual General Meeting  held in March 23, 2017 decided that the chairman of the Board of Directors shall be paid EUR 30,000  and the other members shall be paid EUR 15,000  each in remuneration for their term of office. In addition, EUR 1,000 shall be paid as remuneration per meeting to the chairman and EUR 500 per meeting shall be paid to the other members of the Board and members of the Board of Directors shall be reimbursed fo reasonable travel costs.

Annual fee per members of the Board of Directors, EUR 2017

Päivi Marttila, Chairman

Kaarina Muurinen, Vice Chairman 15,000
Julianna Borsos 15,000
Matti Lahdenperä  15,000
Juha Putkiranta  15,000




Meeting fee *, EUR March-Nov./2017*

Päivi Marttila, Chairman

Kaarina Muurinen, Vice Chairman 3,000
Julianna Borsos 2,500
Matti Lahdenperä 3,000
Juha Putkiranta 3,000


*Meeting fee is not compensated if the meeting is held as a teleconference meeting.

Follow this link for information on Board members' remuneration 2012-2016.


Board meetings 2017 Number of Board meetings attended Attendance percentage

Päivi Marttila, Chairman


Kaarina Muurinen, Vice Chairman 14/14 100%
Julianna Borsos (as of 23.3.2017) 9/10 90%
Matti Lahdenperä 14/14 100%
Juha Putkiranta  14/14 100%















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