Manufacturing / Manufacturing in Finland

Manufacturing in Finland

Aspocomp has a manufacturing site in Oulu, Finland. Oulu plant is state-of-art quick-turn facility for HDI (High Density Interconnection), advanced HDI, high layercount PCB's and special technologies e.g. different heat management technologies; Heatsink, Coin. Oulu plant is ISO 9001 & 14001 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified.

All our operations are guided by following values:

  • We add value to our customers
  • We have streamlined and effective operations
  • We prepare for the future with continuous development
  • We respect and support each other


Our values support our quality policy::

The Quality of our operations is daily evaluated by our customers, personnel, suppliers and other stake holders.
Aspocomp's target is to produce products and services so that they create added value to the customers.
We understand that everyone is responsible for the quality and this is why we strive for training and developing our personnel.
We know that the quality requirements continue to tighten and therefore we evaluate and develope all our operations