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High Frequency PCBs

Typical applications are radio PCBs and high speed digital PCBs. High frequency laminates provide lower attenuation and constant dielectric properties compared to PCBs of conventional FR4 materials. Aspocomp has specialized to manufacture of multilayer and HDI PCBs of high frequency dielectric materials.

Aspocomp has experience in multilayer high frequency PCBs since 1998 and produced the first double-sided Teflon PCBs in 1987.

  • High frequency multilayer PCBs
  • Mixed material combinations with FR4
  • HDI buildup layers with Rogers Ro4450B (Ro4350 family prepreg)
  • PTFE laminates for double-sided PCB and mixed buildup
  • Dk range from 2.5 to 10.0, extremely low Df
  • Variety of laminate options in stock